Frequently Asked Questions

No GMOs. No toxic chemicals. No crap. Yes delicious.

Please see our user guide or contact us via email with any other questions.

Yes. Just as long as we don’t need a boat to get to you :-). We can deliver to your home, work or other address specified in your account.

If you placed your order and payment was processed before 6pm on Sunday, you will receive delivery on Wednesday. If after, delivery may be delayed until the subsequent Wednesday.

Login to your account and provide additional instructions for your delivery. e.g. directions / distinguishing characteristics of your delivery location, details of secure location for dropping off your produce if no-one is there to receive your delivery etc.

Yes. Simply login to your account and make the necessary changes for pausing / resuming your subscription. For more info. please read the user guide. If you need extra help, please email us at,

Simply sign up for a subscription package using your billing and their shipping details.

We provide details on our weekly harvest via electronic newsletter and social media. Weekly selections will depend on what is growing in the greenhouse and what is ready for harvest.

Sorry – At this time, we are unable to accommodate requests to restrict, substitute crops or otherwise customise our subscription deliveries.

Your produce will be delivered in an insulated grocery tote. Every week, your delivery person will bring a fresh tote containing produce. In exchange for your fresh tote, please make available the tote from your previous week’s delivery for return to the delivery person.

Our ‘living greens’, with trimmed root systems, help the plant retain the ability to stay alive. This means that they can stay fresher longer. If your produce starts to wilt, dip the root in water and it should start to recover.

Our primary focus is on our subscription delivery service. Please email us [insert link] if you are looking to place a large order for a special event or for wholesale purchase (we can grow specific crops to order with sufficient notice).