How it works

No GMOs. No toxic chemicals. No crap. Yes delicious.

Instructions and useful information


  • Weekly harvest details will be communicated via newsletter (sign up at bottom of website) and via social media.
  • Your subscription will be delivered weekly on Wednesdays. If for some reason Wednesday delivery is not possible, we shall communicate in advance.
  • If you are not at your delivery address when the driver arrives, your delivery will be dropped left in a secure drop-off location. Please login to your account to update details on preferred drop-off location as well as directions for locating your delivery address.
  • On receipt of your delivery, please return insulated grocery totes, gel refrigeration packs and any other packaging materials from prior deliveries to your driver. If your delivery is to be dropped off, please leave materials to be exchanged at the drop off location.



  • You may pay for your subscription via bank transfer or credit card. If paying via bank transfer, please email us to let us know that a payment has been made, so that we can verify, login and update your subscription.
  • In order to be harvested on time for Wednesday delivery, subscription payment must be received prior to 6 pm on the preceding Sunday. If payment is received after this deadline, delivery may be delayed to the following Wednesday.
  • By logging in to your account, you may pause or restart deliveries on an active subscription. You may also modify your delivery address.
  • In order to have modifications reflected in your next delivery, please make any changes prior to 6 pm of the Sunday prior, as our delivery drivers receive their weekly delivery updates just after that time. If you miss the 6 pm deadline, please email us and we will do our best to update our drivers.







We welcome feedback. Please feel free to contact us via email or by phone at 333-5864