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No GMOs. No toxic chemicals. No crap. Yes delicious.

No GMOs. No Toxic Chemicals. No Crap.

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We proudly describe our produce as “No GMOs. No Toxic Chemicals. No Crap.” What does this mean and how does our produce compare to other produce labelled as ‘organic’?


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines genetically modified organisms (GMOs) “as organisms (i.e. plants, animals or microorganisms) in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination.”

There are arguments for economic and other potential benefits tied to the use of GMO seed in agriculture. There are also various concerns about the use of GMOs in food production including long-term impact on natural ecosystems, the environment and health of those who consume GMO food. Our position is simple. We are not willing to take the downside risk, so we do not use GMO seed.



We named our brand Honest Greens because we felt that customers like us wanted to have more transparency about what it is we are putting into our bodies. We, like you have seen the profligate use of terms like ‘all natural’, ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘100% organic’ etc. in labeling. But what does this all mean? Often the definitions of terms used to green-wash products are unclear, there may be no certifying body, there may be false labeling and even when there is certification the requirements may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

All of our inputs are OMRI listed. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an international nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing and it’s guidance is used by the US FDA and equivalent international organizations.

To keep it simple – we will continue to grow the cleanest produce that we can and our ‘product testing’ will continue to be performed on ourselves and our daughter. We are not interested in ‘playing games’ with your food.



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