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Nutritional Data

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According to the US Center for Disease Control, “micronutrients, often referred to as vitamins and minerals, are vital to healthy development, disease prevention, and wellbeing. Though people only need small amounts of micronutrients, consuming the recommended amount is important. Micronutrient deficiencies can have devastating consequences.”1


The RDA or ‘Recommended Dietary Allowance’ is the estimated amount of a nutrient per day considered necessary for the maintenance of good health. Guidance may vary based on age, sex and health condition. Source: US Department of Health & Human Services – National Institute of Health


Vitamin A

  • RDA: 900mcg/3,000 IU
  • Vitamin A is important for growth and development, for the maintenance of the immune system, and for good vision.

Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin

  • RDA: 1.3mg
  • Vitamin B2 plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s energy supply. It helps in red blood cell production and is important for body growth.

Vitamin B9 or Folate

  • RDA: 400mcg
  • Vitamin B9 is needed to make red and white blood cells in the bone marrow, convert carbohydrates into energy, and produce DNA and RNA. Adequate intake is extremely important during periods of rapid growth including pregnancy (recommended increase to 600 to 1,000mcg), infancy, and adolescence.

Vitamin C

  • RDA: 60mg
  • Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, development and repair of body tissues. Vitamin C is involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the proper functioning of the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.

Vitamin K

  • RDA: 120mcg
  • Vitamin K is involved in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels. Studies suggest it supports the maintenance of strong bones, improves bone density and decreases the risk of fractures and may help keep blood pressure lower by preventing mineral build up in the arteries. Increased blood levels of vitamin K have also been linked improved episodic memory in older adults.


  • RDA: 1,000mg
  • Calcium is used to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. It plays a role in muscle movement and cardiovascular function and is also necessary for maintaining healthy communication between the brain and other parts of the body.


  • RDA: 8.7mg for men; 14.8mg for women
  • Iron is vital to the proper function of hemoglobin, a protein needed to transport oxygen in the blood. Iron helps to preserve many vital functions in the body, including general energy and focus, gastrointestinal processes, the immune system, and the regulation of body temperature. Iron promotes healthy pregnancy, increased energy, and better athletic performance.


  • RDA: 420 mg
  • Magnesium’s many functions include helping with muscle and nerve function, bone health and density, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system. Getting enough magnesium can help prevent or treat chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and migraine.


  • RDA: 3,500 mg
  • Potassium plays a role in the function of the kidneys, the heart, the muscles, and the transmission of messages through the nervous system. Adequate potassium intake may prevent or manage high blood pressure and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Adequate intake may also help preserve muscle mass in older people and people who have health conditions that lead to muscle wasting.


Nutrition Value Per 100g crop

Curly leaf endive

  • Vitamin A: 72% of RDA
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate): 36% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 192% of RDA

Basil (varietals include Citrus, Cinnamon, Genovese, Large Leaf, Sweet Thai  and more)

  • Vitamin A: 175% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 345% of RDA
  • Iron: 40% of RDA


  • Vitamin A: 330% of RDA
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate): 40% of RDA
  • Vitamin C: 216% of RDA

Choi sum

  • Vitamin A: 25.5% of RDA
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate): 106% of RDA
  • Vitamin C: 71% of RDA

Bok choy

  • Vitamin A: 149% of RDA
  • Vitamin C: 75% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 38% of RDA


  • Vitamin A: 118% of RDA
  • Vitamin C: 65% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 348% of RDA


  • Vitamin A: 79% of RDA
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate): 24% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 90%

Italian Dandelion

  • Vitamin A: 338% of RDA
  • Vitamin C: 58% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 649% of RDA

Lettuce (varietals include Batavia, Butter, Lollo, Oakleaf, Sweet Crisp and more)

  • Vitamin A:  247% of RDA
  • Vitamin C: 15% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 105% of RDA

Mustard Greens (varietals include Scarlet Frills, Wasabina and more)

  • Vitamin A: 101% of RDA
  • Vitamin C: 117% of RDA
  • Vitamin K: 215% of RDA

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