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No GMOs. No toxic chemicals. No crap. Yes delicious.


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So here goes… version 67 or so but who’s counting right?… ha! 🙂

I tend to be quite a private person… let’s be honest… I’m an introvert with a dollop of social anxiety

I cringe at the thought of Kardashian-like self promotion… But… we are working hard to build a business… and brand… and… I am being reminded that… yes… I hear your encouraging voice [NAME REDACTED]… “there are no extra points to be gained for toiling away in obscurity”… so hear goes…



Many of us, as local businesses and service providers, post hashtags and implore customers to #buybermuda, #supportyourlocalfarmer and so on… I believe that for Honest Greens Bermuda (HGB), we have to do more than that.

We want to develop a trusted relationship with our customers. We don’t just want to market at you, we want to share information and perspective. We want to share insight into our process and journey as we work on building this business.

We want to share the attributes that differentiate our product: freshness, access to new tastes and textures (novel varietals), nutrient quality and cleanliness (no toxic chemicals).

We want to share the ways we can make your life easier – convenience, consistency of supply, touchless delivery, customer service and a premium customer experience.

We also want to share additional reasons why you should support us and others like us… from improving Bermuda’s food security to helping make our economy more resilient (by recirculating money on island)… from making purchase decisions that have a more environmentally friendly impact to directly and indirectly supporting others in our community.

Through our blog, newsletter, social media and other communications, we will try to give you a peek behind the curtain. At times we may share cool new stuff that’s happening both in and outside the greenhouse. At times we may share learnings about operational and technical aspects of hydroponics and commercial food production. At times we may share personal perspective / ruminations on our business and personal journey including exploration of our apprehensions and mis-steps. At times we may just share things that we find silly and amusing.

How can we improve? What questions would you like us to answer? Do you have ideas / suggestions? Do you have favorite recipes or pictures of your culinary creations that you’d like to share?

Thank you again for reading and thank you for your continued support.



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